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Fri. 07. June,
10:00 pm – 11:00 pm,
Am Helgen

“Tout est plus facile quand on devient fou.” L’Imperatrice are wise enough to know that a little bit of craziness can also make life much simpler. The six musicians now bring the carefree lightness of an afternoon frittered away on a Southern French promenade to the Elbe. L’Imperatrice formed in 2012 in Paris, where they refined their sound to the influence of famous compatriots such as Air. And their feet still tap to the groove of their idols Chic and Sister Sledge. Fluffy funk meets lush disco sounds and laid-back synth-pop, alternating between English and French. What started off as a one-man project developed into a committed sextet, and they have long been selling out large concert halls in their native France. A truly imperial dancing experience!