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What does PANAMA mean?

The question ‘Where to PANAMA?’ or simply the code word PANAMA is a simple and uncomplicated way for anyone who finds themselves in an unpleasant or unsafe situation or is being threatened or harassed to get help. Whether you are feeling unwell, overwhelmed, discriminated against, threatened with violence or (sexually) assaulted - we are there for you.

The question ‘Where to PANAMA?’ or the code word PANAMA needs no further explanation. You can contact any festival staff member and you will be helped immediately, without questions or judgement. You will get the kind of support you want.

What does this help look like?

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or harassed, use the code word PANAMA and we will get you out of that situation.

  • We can accompany you to a safe space where you can rest and get help from our PANAMA guides
  • We can accompany you to the paramedics.
  • We can call your friends.
  • If you want to leave the festival, we can escort you off the site until you feel safe.
  • If you want to make a report to the police, we will support you.
  • We will tailor our help to your needs and wishes. Nothing happens without your consent!



The trained PANAMA Guides complement the festival crew and support all other crew members as required. In concrete terms, this means that the guides can be called in at any time and in any place to accompany the person seeking help. Their area of operation is the entire festival site (festival site at Blohm+Voss, around the Elbphilharmonie and the Platz der Deutschen Einheit, St. Katharinen), our guides can be found permanently in the PANAMA Safe Space. The guides report directly to the event management and act as a separate unit. They also include the staff of the support hotline. 


The PANAMA team looks after affected persons. PANAMA is present wherever the festival crew with PANAMA stickers is. The team is on site from the start to the end of the festival and is always available for you during this time.
Do you feel unsafe, threatened or harassed? Do you need help or support? Then ask for PANAMA.

You can ask...

  • the bar staff
  • the festival crew
  • the security service 
  • the paramedics
  • festival jobbers
  • the paramedics
  • our Panama Guides

for PANAMA. The staff will help you.

Why does PANAMA exist? 

The PANAMA concept was established to strengthen festival visitors' sense of security. Asking strangers for help in a threatening situation requires courage. The code word PANAMA reduces inhibitions and makes it easier to ask for help.

Counselling hotline

The support hotline is available during the opening hours of the site. Above all, the hotline provides an opportunity for those seeking help to contact us anonymously. PANAMA guides can be called via the hotline. There is also direct contact with the police, the medical service and other trades in order to organise help as required. You can reach our support hotline on +49 177 50 30 947.

PANAMA Safe Space

The PANAMA Safe Space is a protected retreat. Our trained PANAMA Guides look after the PANAMA Safe Space and can initiate further support measures at any time.


We want to constantly improve our services and ask for your help!

Have you already been in a situation where you have asked about PANAMA or do you have any suggestions or requests?
We would like to continuously improve our range of assistance so that we can continue to provide you with the best possible support in the future. You can send us your feedback here.