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"If you can't find me here, I'll be on the sun deck …"– We must admit: The following new additions to the line-up have put us a little off our stride and put us in a dream world. So please: Turn on  the ELBJAZZ playlist and off we go to Salamanca!

J.P. Bimeni reminds many of Otis Redding, his voice is "a mix of wonderfully soft and throaty" (SZ).
A 41-year-old newcomer, accompanied by a six-man band, who wraps the story of his eventful life into great soul.   

In the US, Tim van Berkestijn AKA Benny Sings (photo) is a little bit of an underground star. His latest record "City Pop" was recently published by the hip Californian label Stones Throw. What it is about: finest, laid-back, groovy Westcoast pop. When Benny Sings performs, it's the official beginning of summer.

When you hear the word "Flamenco", the first thing that comes to mind is elegant dancers and rapid guitars. Daniel Garcia now shows: This traditional Spanish music can also be played by a classical jazz trio. Garcia has intensively studied the history of the music of his home country and at the same time turned into a virtuous representative of modern jazz.  

On his current album, you can hear 15 musicians from six countries. Carsten Lindholm's "Indispiration" was inspired by different styles and cultures. At the ELBJAZZ festival, the Danish drummer will streamline all these influences to present a slimmed down version with his trio.   

He loves analogue sounds and sixties soul. Straightforward and natural, indeed: The music is rock-solid and so is the storytelling of the twenty-five-year-old Phil Siemers, foregoing everything too symbolic. If the rating "honest" was awarded for music – Phil Siemers would be the hottest candidate to win.  

Also present: Wolfert Brederode Trio | Bentō | Saez-Eggers Trio feat. Gabriel Coburger | Fabia Mantwill Quartet feat. Ben Wendel | Nordsnø Ensemble | European Jazz Laboratory | Michel Schroeder Ensemble | Koloro | SPIIC Ensemble |
HfMT Bigband feat. Manuel Grunden | HfMT Bigband feat. Adrian Cox

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