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A quick glimpse at the ELBJAZZ headquarters will reveal that something big is afoot. A few weeks ago we started cutting confetti, mixing the champagne punch and painting the party hats – yes, ELBJAZZ is going to be 10 years old! To ramp up the excitement, today we can announce the first musical guests at our birthday bash!

At the age of 82, Archie Shepp is one of the most influential legends in the history of jazz. He has shared the stage with musicians such as John Coltrane and Don Cherry, and he shaped jazz tradition and the free-jazz era like few others. The “angry young man” was a social and political mouthpiece for a black musician movement, and that continues to influence his work to this day. We are very proud that the American saxophonist and his quartet will be giving a rare European concert as part of ELBJAZZ.

They have been unstoppable since Babylon Berlin conquered our TV screens: the Moka Efti Orchestra gets all legs dancing, and takes ELBJAZZ to an exhilarating Berlin swing party in true 1920s style.

Having presented them a few years ago on the MS Stubnitz as something of an insider’s tip, we now invite them back next year to brush away the last specks of dust from the harbour: MOOP MAMA, with their unique mix of brass-band sounds and rap, have become figureheads for the German music scene.

The following acts are well on the way to stepping out of the “insider’s tip” category and establishing a place for themselves in a broader jazz context: 5K HD from Austria skilfully build bridges between experiment and pop. A band that is just as complex, threatening and exciting as our present age. In Seed Ensemble and Oscar Jerome, the vibrant London jazz scene brings energetic Afro-jazz, soul and funk to the port of Hamburg. And trumpeter Laura Jurd’s band Dinosaur shows that rocky jazz can also work without a guitar.

Also joining us from across the pond is the 18-year-old pianist and rising star of the US jazz scene Matthew Whitaker with his quartet.

Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions – as the name suggests – deliver captivating gospel that draws on raw blues and soul elements as well as Afrobeat and jazz.

Freak show guaranteed: the Golden Dawn Arkestra honours us with one of their spectacular performances, stylistically placed somewhere between the legacy of Sun Ra, disco dancefloor and a cosmic experience.

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