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With danceable disco rap by Jazzkantine, Afro-jazz from the UK by Camilla George, dreamy piano sounds by Vadim Neselovskyi from Ukraine and other exciting acts, we are turning onto the ELBJAZZ destination stages full of anticipation and highly recommend our ticket shop.  

For decades they have been bringing jazz and rap to stages all over the world: when Jazzkantine turns up the heat at ELBJAZZ, young & old and as far away as Barmbek get excited.  

Camilla George stands for a young London jazz scene that is at home between roots and fusion jazz. 

Ukrainian pianist Vadim Neselovskyi takes us on a musical journey through his homeland of Odesa.   

With the Lisa Wulff Quartet and the Horst Hansen Trio we are looking forward to two exciting and rousing German acts.  

All information about the programme can be found here. 

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