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Fri. 07. June,
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm,
Am Helgen

Heartache is always a good catalyst for brilliant pop songs. Warhaus aka Maarten Devoldere, best known as co-lead singer and guitarist of Belgian indie heroes Balthazar, knows this too. After a particularly cruel break-up, Devoldere locked himself in a hotel room in southern Italy and spent weeks writing his grief from his soul. "Ha Ha Heartbreak", the title of the resulting album, certainly conveys humour. is enthusiastic for its "patina of dark melancholy, gainsbourgsch noir and sexual flirtation". Despite the sadness, Warhaus swings excellently - with a knack for pathos and great melodies. Gentle guitars meet playful piano parts. We look forward to Sicilian warmth in Hamburg's harbour - even if it's just Warhaus on stage.