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Fri. 07. June,
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm,

The jazzki Award focuses on musicians, coders and programs - who show us what the interaction between humans and AI systems looks like in the field of jazz.
Artificial intelligence has arrived in our society at the latest since Chat-GPT. But no matter how good such an AI work is, it remains dependent on the programmers who control the AI system by instructing, selecting and guiding algorithms. The human creative process cannot be replaced by AI, but AI can drive musical creativity in a new and exciting way and provide solutions that help musicians to break new ground - especially in the genre of jazz.
A selected jury of AI experts from the jazz scene, business and science will examine the submitted projects that showcase the interaction between humans and AI systems in the field of jazz. Prizes will be awarded to places 1-3 and the three winners will present their projects live on stage at the Schiffbauhalle.
The following categories will be considered for evaluation (application period: February to April 2024)

  • General concept / creative idea
  • Quality of the final results
  • Musical sophistication / composition / improvisation - AI system / method
  • Human-machine interaction / performance
  • Variety, diversity & ethics

The prize money totaling €4000 (1st place: €2000, 2nd place: €1500, 3rd place: €500) will be donated this year by the Adalbert Zajadacz Foundation. The jazzki Award is presented by D-Musik e.V.