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Sat. 08. June,
8:45 pm – 10:00 pm,
HfMT Young Talents Stage

A number of ELBJAZZ concerts have already proven how fantastic it sounds when hip-hop, jazz and funk enter into a devoted liaison. We like to remember: Toytoy! Kamaal Williams! Boiler are now the latest pâtissiers of this delicate mélange from the Hanseatic city. Bassist Pierre Thomé and drummer Benedict Strohhäcker have remained in Baden-Württemberg, with only pianist and keyboardist Denny Seidel studying at the HfMT. The trio bridges the 600 kilometers between Hamburg and Heidelberg with unbreakable friendship, discipline and their own approach. The band says: "Backbeat-heavy music with soulful melody lines that explicitly invites you to nod your head." We say: delicious!