HipHop Jazz

Rebekka “Salomea” Ziegler is one of Germany’s leading young jazz musicians. Ziegler has collaborated with greats of the genre such as John Hollenbeck, Jiggs Wigham and Sissel Vera Pettersen – and in 2021, the singer, songwriter and composer reached the final of the German Jazz Prize. Salomea has studied jazz and pop singing under teachers such as Annette von Eichel, and was a member of the Bundesjazzorchester. In addition to the band Salomea, which is named after herself, she also formed the vocal ensemble Of Cabbages and Kings. In late 2021 she announced a new album, Conversations, that pursues a multi-layered approach. The album was developed after numerous conversations with director Svenja Trierscheid, performance artist Sophie-Yukiko Hasters and fashion designer Luise Zücker, all of whom explore the following questions: What constitutes serious artistic work today and how can the prevailing clichés and prejudices about female artists be broken down? In her new songs, Salomea quotes from these conversations, while Trierscheid engages with the topic through film and Hasters develops a pertinent choreography as they work together to seek an alternative to the stereotypes of women artists.