Hindi Zahra

Soul Folk

To attend this Elbphilharmonie concert, reservations must be made in advance.

The French-Moroccan singer-songwriter released her multi-award-winning debut on the legendary label Blue Note Records in 2010. Comparisons with label greats such as Billie Holiday followed. Born in 1979, the autodidact actually combines pop sounds with the rhythms of the desert in her music, rather than limiting herself to pure vocal jazz. The core of her music is formed of repetitive metres from all around the globe, which are apt to put audiences into a trance – for example, when she mixes Moroccan percussion with Cuban rhythms. This enchanted rug of rhythms is the foundation from which Zahra’s melodies and arrangements grow. Zahra is best known in Germany thanks to her role in Fatih Akin’s film The Cut, while her music made a mark on pop-culture consciousness through the Chanel advert starring Giselle Bündchen.