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  • Where do I go if I have questions during the festival?

    Information regarding all aspects of ELBJAZZ 2024 can be found on site at the festival info desks.

  • There will be bag checks.

    Confiscated items and lost articles may be picked up when leaving the festival site. Information regarding pick-up points and times will be available on this website once the 2024 venues have been announced.

  • What can I bring along to the festival area?

    The following items may be brought to the festival site:

    - One 0.5-litre plastic beverage bottle per person
    - Small snacks
    - Ear protection for children
    - Umbrellas
    - Mobile-phone cameras, compact cameras
    - Camping stools (no folding chairs!)

    The following items may not be brought to the festival site:

    - Glass bottles
    - Professional camera equipment
    - Megaphones

  • What catering facilities are provided?

    In all festival centres there will be a selection of different food and beverage stands. Moreover, small snacks can be taken to the festival area.

  • Can I pay cashless on the festival grounds?

    The majority of our beverage and food stands offer the possibility of cashless payment. However, we cannot guarantee this for all offers on the grounds, so we recommend that you also bring cash with you. There are no EC ATMs on the festival grounds at Blohm+Voss.

  • What rules apply to infants?

    Children aged 0 years and above may enter the festival area if accompanied by their parents and wearing ear protection.

  • What rules apply to minors?

    Events are subject to legal provisions for the protection of minors. As a rule, pupil ID-cards, written approval issued by parents or legal guardians are not accepted.

    5 Dance Events JuSchG (Protection of Young Persons Act):

    Attendance of children and young people below the age of 16 at public dance events is not permissible unless accompanied by a legal guardian; attendance of adolescents above the age of 16 is permissible up to midnight.