Artists in Residence

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Markus + Micha Acher

It’s only natural to take stock at the beginning of a new decade: which acts shaped the last ten years and who were the first to introduce which trends? Markus and Micha Acher were already pushing genre boundaries when the indie-jazz artists of today were still in nappies. With their internationally popular band The Notwist they initially played guitar-driven music, but over the course of the 1990s they became increasingly electronic and jazzy with each album. In 2019, The Notwist is celebrating 30 years – for many they are the “epitome of the German indie band” ( However, their father also imbued them with a love of jazz at an early age. With a huge number of projects and bands, Markus and Micha also always liked to let off steam in the realms of ambient, noise and free jazz – without ever forgetting the catchy melodies. More than sufficient reason to invite the Acher brothers to take up the post of Artists in Residence at the upcoming ELBJAZZ.


“We are very happy to have been invited to be Artists in Residence at ELBJAZZ! Not least because we are also, first and foremost, fans of all kinds of artists, and we’re delighted to invite amazing musicians such as Günther Baby Sommer, the Tenniscoats from Tokyo, and Julian Warner to the festival – and to get the chance to play with them and see them perform. Collaborations have always been the most important element for us, and it is precisely the differences and the contrasting approaches that make these exciting. So thank you for this opportunity to do that at a festival in such a concentrated way!"

(Markus Acher + Micha Acher, Artists in Residence 2020)


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Fehler Kuti
Spirit Fest (Elbphilharmonie)
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